Our services include a complete analysis of the business component that you will be implementing with your site.  This includes meetings with you and your staff to understand the processes and products that you currently have implemented.  From that we will deliver a recommended design and ask that you sign off on it before we proceed with development.  Since most businesses have differing processes and procedures not all sites are "cookie cutter" as many web site developers would have you believe.

Once you have signed off on a design our next step is to produce a working prototype that we will present to you for you to determine if any changes are necessary before we continue.

Upon sign off of the prototype we will then complete the deliverables and test all functionality ensuring that it meets your requirements.  If databases are involved we will work with you to build a complete set of test data prior to handing off the site to you for your testing.

Once you accept the site as ready for public consumption we will work with you to implement your production data and perform a final sign off test.  At that time any staff training will be conducted and you may notify you users that you are now ready for them to use your site.

Upon production our product is guaranteed for the first 6 months of use.  Any flaws in the product will be corrected.  If the problem is one of design then we will work with you to redefine the requirement and implement the change.  However, this work will be performed on a change order and be billable.